A Test Posting – and a hint…

Card and Drop 4

This is an image I have been working on recently in light of my current W.I.P. (Work In Progress). I hope it’s intriguing and it gets people guessing as to the theme of the story. I am not going to make any predictions about when it will be ready, ’cause it will be ready when it’s good and ready and not before.


Amazon 0 : Goodreads 1

If Amazon refuses to post a review – try Goodreads!


Goodreads - Dusty

Now that’s what I call a rush – kid in a candy store? Hardly begins to describe the feeling.


For your taking the chance in reading (and buying) the book, for letting me know that I am capable of providing works worthy of your attention and for your ***BLOODY MARVELLOUS *** review.

The Cheshire Cat would lose the grinning contest right now.


When is a Review not a Review?

Yes, it’s a curious question, but the answer is quite simple.

A review is not a review when it is rejected by Amazon – for whatever reason, which they often decline to explain.

However, some readers are resourceful enough to get their review to the author no matter who, or what, stands in their way.

I have received a copy of a review, which was rejected by Amazon, and whilst it is highly enthusiastic (I blush every time I read it), it is not anything extraordinary, nor offensive – at least not to my eyes. Am I biased – yep! Can’t deny it, but even taking that into consideration I am still confused as to why it was rejected.

Let the review tell its own story :-

“Not what I was expecting.

I ordered this book because I had read the previous one by this author (“Neither Here Nor There”) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“A Fool’s Errand” took me by surprise, however. The two books are very different – and I must say that I enjoyed this one even more! With strong characters and a cleverly written plot, this book takes us through adventures worthy of Game of Thrones.

The fool of the title is the main character – and whilst far from a fool, his errand takes us on a journey which surprises right to the very unexpected end. I thoroughly recommend this as a good read this summer.”

Am I wrong in believing that this is an appropriate review?

Unless, and until, an explanation is received from Amazon we may never really know why they think it isn’t.


#WhyImActuallySmiling #amwriting


Work in progress…

Not my usual thing to talk about, but I’m going to give it a go.

The current title of my W.I.P. is J-Org-3. Shall I explain, or not? Nah! Not unless someone out there is really, really, really curious as to the meaning.

I have been writing this piecemeal for about four months now. Yes, I know. To my esteemed colleagues of the “full-time writers club” it will seem like I should have already finished the first draft and perhaps the first revision. Well I haven’t and I’m not bothered about it. This story will be told in its own good time.

For this particular story I have abandoned the linear writing process.

I did start at the beginning, and I have an overall arc for the story, but… I am writing the story as scenes and not necessarily in order. They say that a change is as good as a rest, and it would appear that this is quite a restful process.

Having reached the stage where an opening chapter could be produced, I posted the first draft on the O.W.W. (Online Writing Workshop) and have thus far received four reviews – all positive and all indicating an interest in reading more, which is rather cool.

What is it about?

Allow me to quote the summary written by one of the reviewers –  “A clever, (normally) smart-mouthed, technically-minded young man is caught stealing something, then rescued and actually sort of tricked into heading off into space on the Resurrection, by a sentient, shape-changing blob/card, that communicates by coloured lights, unless it has access to screens.”

The reviewer further states “…we have no idea why he was ‘chosen’ or where he’s headed to, nor why–though he’s obviously not a regular member of the crew. Good reasons to read on.”

Comments like that only add fuel to the desire to finish the story and as a result I am actually managing to find/make time to do some of the writing necessary to achieve that goal.

I call this “happy writing”.

‘Onwards and upwards’ – though not quite – ‘to infinity and beyond’.


I must be doing something right…

…even if it’s not shouting from the treetops about my writing.

Someone “out there” has decided that they want to read not just one book, but both of the books that I have published.

With a slightly grim smile I can say that the royalties for these sales are negligible, but the warm feeling inside is worth so much more!

Dusty Books Received

Thanks to anyone and everyone who shows an interest in my stories.

Advice for new writers.

This is not definitive advice by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.

It is a guide – not a manual. What works for one, may not work for another. Every aspect of writing and being an author is subjective.

However, for those who are wondering “is it the same for everyone else?”

An answer may be found here :-


The first four headings are those that will most likely interest new authors and include short stories relating to a fictional advisor : Erik, Baron von Itzmaitael, of Storrieland.

  1. The Art Of Writing
  2. Receiving Reviews
  3. Ready To Publish?
  4. Published and…

I hope that something is of use to someone.





Book cover design – a contradiction?

The writer’s medium is – generally – black and white.

Black ink/white page with the only colour being prompted by the written words and visualised in the imaginings of the readers.

So, why is there a need for ever more colourful – dare I say garish – book covers?

It may simply be the application of the old adage that “those who shout loudest will be heard”.

Sadly, many of those who do shout loudest are those whose reputations do not match their claims. ** Please check out real life and anyone with wealth, or power, or both! **

There is also a certain irony in the fact that the opposite is often true. Those who speak softly are often ignored no matter what value there may be in their words.

In simple terms a book cover is a sales tool and, as many of us have discovered from personal experience, a sale garnered by any means is still a sale, and never mind the buyer.

It’s just strange that tales beautifully told in black and white are marketed and sold from behind images of colour, and I wonder how many stories/books would be sold if they could only be sold behind plain covers.