I am not a product.

It is interesting to note that authors are expected to sell themselves to the general public.

It seems that this is no longer the role of the agents, or the publishers. So what do they get paid for?

Authors are actively encouraged to represent themselves as the “main product” with their books as the auxiliary products. The main products develop an ego and tell the whole world the minutia of their daily lives – which quite frankly makes my tedium seem quite exhilarating.

Authors these days are like politicians and they spend as much time promoting themselves as they do their stories. Sadly like politicians they fail to deliver too, yet they remain on a permanent campaign trail.

What a load of bull that is. Populism is the global trend and whoops, let’s have a look at where that has led us all – up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Maybe I am exceptional in that I don’t give a shit about being popular, or famous. Yes, I’d like to sell some books – based on the merit of the stories, but these days it’s the loudest voice that seems to sell the most copies of anything.

*** I am NOT a product. ***

My products are my stories, no matter their size, style or genre.

If I were to consider myself to be a product at all, it would be as an auxiliary product to the stories and characters that I create and write about. The stories themselves are what are important. To entertain is the primary goal, but aspiring to perhaps educate people by stretching their abilities with the introduction of new vocabulary and good, clear grammar is not such a bad thing either.


There may come a time, in the not too distant future when I remove myself from “social media” – why? Well, it’s not really social media after all, is it? With so many people promoting themselves and their products it’s more commercial than social. Hell, even Presidents tweet! I thought they would be too busy to be messing around like children, but then who knows – it may be essential to maintain their popularity.

Many will laugh at me for having this attitude, but I would rather NOT have sold my soul to the media for the silver pieces that I may, or may not glean as earnings.

My books may, or may not sell – in any case they will sell far better than my story and my soul.


Inspiration – Where Does It Come From?

This is a question I often asked when I read books written by other authors, and it is a question that will continue to be asked.

There is no set answer.

For my latest novel – “The Awakening” – it was the failure of the European Space Agency’s mission to put a probe on the surface of Mars that triggered my imagination, by provoking the question – “What if that failure wasn’t an accident?”.

I let my imagination take over and just ran with it for the duration of NaNoWriMo.

For a previous novel – “The Domes : Exodus” – my original inspiration was a reaction to a situation in my workplace at that time. A manager made a simple statement – “if the data is incorrect, or incomplete, so what?” – which appalled me at the time. So I wrote a novel based on someone rejecting that attitude, and getting into trouble for it.

Social drama – drawn from real life experiences, but fictionalised, of course.

Political drama – again drawn from life and fictionalised.

Even a simple expression – “Neither Here, Nor There” – can provoke the writing of a story.

Story telling is an ancient practice, but the story-tellers of old were no different than those of today. Their goal is to entertain their audience. Their tools/weapons are their imaginations.

Looking forward to more inspirational “lightning strikes”.






The Editor’s Choice Review Arrives

Today I received the “Editor’s Choice” review for my NaNoWriMo 2016 submission.

The review, and the original chapters, have been posted on my blog for those who are curious. The link to the chapters and the review can be found on “My Workshop”.

The synopsis is also available from “My Workshop”.

I was anticipating and dreading the arrival of the review and now it’s here, I am content.


TWITter Fail…

I’m pretty sure that I responded correctly to the invitation on Twitter. When someone says – “Post the first line of your NaNoWriMo” – that’s what you do, don’t you?

Should you expect to be insulted because of some unintentional faux pas? IMHO no.

But the person on the other end of the twitter exchange seemed to think that this was the exact response I should get – I have omitted posting the name, because I am not so heartless… except to surmise the person is likely an American, possibly a New Yorker, probably a Trump voter simply deduced from the attitude I received.

Personally I think it should be explain first, shoot later…but that’s not how it is for this particular exchange. SBE = SomeBodyElse and MOI = Me.


SBE     : Post the first line of your NaNoWriMo

MOI    : First line? “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Cliché, huh?


SBE     : It’s supposed to be fun for writers who want to share. Suppose it could be fun for trolls going out of their way to be asses. ***ATTITUDE***

MOI    : It is the first line **signed ** The Troll ** 😉 “The Awakening” NaNoWriMo2016… So glad to meet the real you. ***BACK AT YOU ***


SBE     : I should put that we don’t like plagiarism in the feed. Your lines only.

MOI    : ???


SBE     : Generally, THAT is understood in the community. No one likes their words stolen. It’s a given that you don’t do it. *** More ATTITUDE ***

MOI    : Try mentioning the nobility of the first moon landing without those words… 😉

SBE     : I’ll give you that. *** Oooooh! A Concession! ***


SBE     : Why don’t you put up your second line? We’d rather see your words.

MOI    : “Now, that’s where we should have stopped.” Corrigan tapped the screen.


SBE     : I like this! Gives good character. 😀 *** 180º TURNAROUND ***


Net result – no apology for the attitude, but x3 likes…

I am definitely going to plagiarise the attitude! 😀



The Awakening – The First Reader

A certain person, whom I shall not name at this time, has literally just finished reading the original NaNoWriMo version of “The Awakening” and I get the feeling that this person liked it.

“Just finished! Wow! That was certainly not what I was expecting!!! I really really enjoyed reading it. And the ending took me totally by surprise.”

To which my response was “Whoa!” as I really don’t know how to respond to that kind of enthusiasm… although I think I said “thank you” at least twice… and had I been speaking to them directly, I would no doubt have been lost for words.

Editor’s Choice On The OWW?

I have just received an email stating that the two NaNoWriMo chapters that I submitted for review have been selected as an editor’s choice on the O.W.W. (OnLine Writers Workshop).

It will be interesting to see what the editor has to say about my first ever NaNoWriMo attempt. It is NaNoWriMo after all – throw it on the page and be damned!

Should I be excited? Maybe a little.

Should I be worried? Likewise – maybe a little.

It’s ironic though, isn’t it? For the longest time I thought ‘Hey, look at my stuff…’ and now after that ‘desire’ has gone… I get chosen for an editor’s choice review. Hah!

Can’t decide if it’s a good thing or bad… I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…