An “Exchange of Favours”

Could someone please explain WHY the process is validated as being an exchange, which oftentimes leads to corrupt and/or obstructive behaviour because someone “owes” someone else a favour.

Isn’t it about time the currency of the “favour” was scrapped?

In place of an exchange, why don’t we all just accept a favour and then pass it on to someone else, who is in need of a favour? After all so many of us are swift to point out “what goes around, comes around” – but always with such negative connotations.

Can’t we now give that expression a newer, more positive significance?

I don’t, as a rule, trade favours. I do favours for those who need, not those who want, nor those who attempt to buy my favours by doing me one – usually when I least need it.

If we want a better world, a better society – and let’s face it, so many of us claim that is what we want (it’s certainly what we need) – why don’t we pay the favours we receive forward. Why don’t we volunteer our favours to those who need them?

Start a favour chain, explain that your recipient owes you NOTHING, but they should pass the favour on to someone else who may be in the same situation and needing that elusive, yet so valuable and helpful, favour.

I’ve started a few. I still pass on favours occasionally. But no one, of those who know that I’ve done it, is left in any doubt that they do NOT owe me a single thing.




Haiku too…



A word like ‘vacuum

cannot begin to describe

what you’ve left behind.


Far away once more

you are locked deep in my heart

waiting here for you.


The world will be new

on the day that you return

and we’ll both be home.



What’s in a promise?

What does it really mean when someone says they’ll do something, they’re going to do something, or maybe even promise to do something?

Nada, zip, bupkiss, nothing, zero, zilch…

So why do people persist in saying such things, knowing (not suspecting but KNOWING) they have absolutely no intention of following up, or delivering, or even updating you on any progress if any?

Seems people fear giving offence if they say “no”, or “I can’t help you”, or “I’d rather not”, or indeed anything negative. Ain’t that right? Hell no, that’s totally the wrong reason.

**NEWSFLASH** I am an adult and I can handle truth, contrary to whatever Jack Nicholson might protest in the courtroom.

Clearly it’s possible I may not like what I hear, but I will give anyone the respect they deserve for making the effort to be honest, as opposed to the totally worthless donation of platitudes intended to keep me sweet.

Please! Don’t totally fuck me off with false promises, false hopes or blatant lies.

FFS GROW UP and be adult about things – guaranteed it will make life run smoother and you sure as hell will discover the more mature members of society hanging around. Anyone else will swiftly disappear.

Anyone, anywhere who gives me the run around is going find that I cease to be receptive to anything that they have to say as I will have learned that what comes out of their mouth/spews from their fingertips has little if any value.

Colour me **PISSED OFF** with the total lack of honesty and sincerity that’s available these days.

Rant, terminated pending further provocation.



The Resurrection (Book 1)

It’s done.

Resurrection Version 4A

The complete novel had been reviewed and I have applied the first revisions.

Write the story – Done!

Review the story – Done!

Perform a stand-alone revision – Done! Editing this time was much easier than before, most likely because of using cyclic write, review, revise processes throughout the writing stages.

Of course, it is unlikely to be perfect as I am viewing it with the same biased vision a parent has when regarding their offspring.

On to completing book 2 – Renegades.

One extra sugar added to my tea in celebration!



Life gets in the way!

Work schedule filling up leaving free time a limited resource.

Writing in between, in those few moments when the world leaves me in anguished peace.

A sentence here, another there, or a paragraph if I’m really lucky.

And the day off is truly a day of rest.

Except it isn’t.

Still got to bring all those pieces together, put them in their rightful place to finally construct the chapter, to check, check and recheck what I’ve created to be certain that what I produce is not a tatty, patchwork quilt of disassociated texts.

Still got to go back through book one to finalise the edits and fix continuity errors that have already been identified.

Hoping feedback from beta reads provide mostly positive sounds, with any fixes being simple to correct.

Far easier to steal from my precious free time to scratch this on my blog than try to keep up with social media – still with my writer friends in spirit, just not able to keep up with you at the moment.

The books are calling!

Back to the writing and editing.

Later guys!